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We are continuing to strive towards developing our commitment and engagement with the wider community, as such we have focused on the following elements within our work towards this aim.

  • Recycling & Ethical Waste Management - A significant component of our operations in Chorley involve us in House Clearance and Sale of White Goods & Furniture. Most of the items are sold at auction in our General Sales held on a weekly basis. However, when items have been tested or have been received as having ended their serviceable / useable life, as a company concerned about the environment, it's community and in addition to understanding its various obligations to ensuring the safe and appropriate disposal of waste, we complete the process by deploying a team on a weekly basis to dispose of these at regulated sites under our Waste Management Licence.   
  • Apprenticeships & Employment opportunities - Over the past few years we have worked closely with the North Lancs Training Group by providing opportunities to individuals for both 'in work' training and contracted full / part time employment. If you have an interest in working with us, please contact us on Also visit Recruitment
  • Community Awareness of our work - Its important for us and our community, that we provide a useable service and one which is appropriate for our community. We strongly believe, that the support we provide our community and the wider community, by offering a wide range of auction sales throughout the week, enables individuals to have the opportunity to Learn / Earn and Engage with others. To help this process, we have a prolific presence on Social Media / Via Our Websites and in particular on our NEW and Evolving Facebook Group 'Friends of Chorley Auction House' . We are also engaged with Local Charity Organisations and strive to provide a tailored support for these and our individual customers.


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