The Cenotaph

Here lies all the employees who used to work at Chorley Auction House but have since moved on to greener pastures (be it a new job or a life of luxury in retirement), all people eventually end up here.


There have been many people that have worked at Chorley Auction House, and eventually they all move on or grow too old to work anymore. There were some people that worked before the people listed below, however, their identities remain undetermined and thus, there is a spot for all of the unknown employees.


Unknown Decedents:

Though your names go untold, your work has not gone unnoticed. Everything each of you did to help this company had set the foundations that we all now stand on. Your work may have been easy for a small growing company, or it may have been difficult for how unorganised the beginning was, in either case, it was the most important work yet as a fifth of businesses tend to fail in their first year and more than a half don't last three years. All this to say, thank you for you work and dedication to the business. Though your name won't be, your work will be remembered for years to come.

May they all be happy where they each lie now.


Sarah Moulton 2021-2024:

Sarah was a cheerful worker that was always pleased to help out however she can, even though she may have had no idea what's going on, she would still try no matter what. She could come across a tad bit timid at first but don't let that dim façade fool you, she was steadfast, and at the same time, irresolute. Sarah spent most of the day in the showroom on the phone, in fact, she was most likely the voice you ended up hearing if you were to give the business phone a call. The ever-helpful, yet sometimes incapable Sarah liked her Coffee sweet, with two sugars!

May she be happy where she lies now.