Understanding British Silver & Gold Hallmarks

If you're starting out in the world of Silver & Gold Trade (as a physical asset), you may well have already begun to get a sense of the enormous array of Hallmarks. 

The discrete impressions of debossed numbers, signs and symbols, provides the observer with a fuller understanding of the items derivation, metal purity and makers origin.

Looking to establish an understanding of the Silver & Gold you have ? You'll probably want to invest in a Jewellers Loupe (Miniature Magnifying Glass). The Hallmarks are generally quite small and if it's an aged piece, may well be partially worn away. We often have these for sale in our auctions but do give us a call / or email and we can arrange one for you. They are also relatively cheap (ranging around the £5 - £20).


I'd highly recommend visiting this site Click Me and see if any of the marks you can see match up. Alternatively, contact us directly and we can assist this process.